Funny or Die's Drunk History has been ordered to series by Comedy Central

Funny or Die is a noted purveyor of, well, funny things. 

But few of them are as funny as "Drunk History," 5-6 minute sketches where someone gets seriously drunk and then recounts an historical event.  And while said drunken retellings are entertaining enough in their own right, I've always found that it's the re-enactment portion of the sketch that is far and away the funnies, whether it be the particular actors chosen for particular roles or the way those same actors incorporate/react to the drunken narration and dialogue or the obviously fake props and facial hair.

And as I know I'm far from the only one to actually laugh out loud at more than a few "Drunk History" sketches, I imagine I'm also far from the only one who will be pleasantly surprised that Comedy Central has ordered "Drunk History" to series.  Writer/director Jeremy Konner will return for the eight episode run, with a little help from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions. 

"As they always say…history, like revenge, is a dish best served drunk," said Kent Alterman, Head of Comedy Central's Original Programming and Production, in regards to the announcement.  And McKay added to that sentiment, saying "Will and I have always believed booze brings out truth. Sometimes that truth involves hitting on airport bar janitors or eating cheese fries at 4 a.m. But in this case, we hope that truth will shine on our nation's history."  The series, in its upcoming televised incarnation set to premier in the summer of 2013, "will lead viewers from town to town across the country, presenting the rich histories that every city in this land, both great and small, have to offer."

Extra Tidbit: What historical event/personage would you wish to see covered in a future entry of "Drunk History"? I feel like Theodore Roosevelt would make good material.
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