Gary Oldman accepts a role in Jose Padilha's remake of Robocop

What was your interest level when you first heard about a ROBOCOP reboot? If Gary Oldman is thrown into the mix, what does that do for you?

The remake, directed by Jose Padilha (ELITE SQUAD) will star THE KILLING's Joel Kinnaman as the titular characer, "a cop named Alex Murphy who is brought back from the brink of death and turned into a cyborg police officer."

It looks like Oldman has now signed on to play a new role, that of, "Norton, the scientist who creates Robocop and finds himself torn between the ideals of the machine trying to rediscover its humanity and the callous needs of a corporation." So what does this mean for the original story? In the original, the only person who knows of his past memories, which is also his last bit of humanity is lady cop, Anne Lewis (previously played by Nancy Allen). Will Norton be the one who has this information instead?

I think it will be a little more interesting having a character like this. Oldman is the Geppetto to Kinnaman's Robo-Pinocchio minus the lying problem.

The production will begin in Tornoto at an unknown date and is set for release in the Summer of 2013.

Source: THR



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