Gekko talks Wall St. 2

The other day I brought you a glimpse of some of the newer cast members of WALL STREET 2 on set, but one veteran was notably missing. That would be Michael Douglas, who reprises his role as Gordon Gekko in the film. Empire recently caught up with Douglas, who had a lot to say about the new movie and his role in it.

"It’s 22 years later," Douglas explains. "Gordon has done about eight years in jail and got out in about 2001. The picture predominantly focuses on these last couple of years on Wall Street, which nobody anticipated. We shot the first one in 1986 and it was a wild, wild colorful time. And here we have both a train crash and a larger-than-life period leading up to that train crash. It’s an exciting time to make a picture about Wall Street."

"Is this a softer Gekko? Eh, I can’t say that. I think he’s got some amends to make. (Laughs) We’ll see what he’s up to."

"We’ve got Josh Brolin playing what I guess is the villain of the piece. There’s a little bit of Terence Stamp, from the first one, in there. Allan Loeb wrote a good script and when Oliver signed on he put his fingerprints all over it. I think it’ll be a relevant movie. It’s all to do with the execution, I guess."

Brolin’s the villain, so what is Gekko exactly? I’m not sure, but I’m guessing by the end of the film, he’ll singlehandedly be responsible for the entire economic meltdown of the last few years.

Extra Tidbit: But the real question is, will he bring back the suspenders?
Source: Empire



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