Get a blurry tease of a Klingon in J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek sequel

Apparantly, J.J. Abrams was part of a video skit for the MTV Movie Awards and during said skit he had an image up on a monitor in the background that looked very much like a Klingon warrior.  The image is out of focus, but just enough to make out the general details and possibly enough to make hardcore trekkies lose their shit.

At first, it was speculated to be snippets from a deleted scene from the first film (see below), which featured a Klingon prison where Eric Bana's character, Nero, was being held captive.  However, sources at Paramount have confirmed only that the image was up in the background "for a reason," which I take as a hefty tease for Trekkies. 

Have a squint:

Personally, I dig the movies, old and new, but wouldn't call myself a rabid fan.  I'm looking forward to seeing the sequel, regardless of who the villain is; Kahn, Klingons, The Borg, or rampant lens flares.  Given the talent involved I think we'll be in for a hell of a show no matter what.

Also, we have a few set pics to toss your way, featuring some more drab-colored clothing for the crew.  It seems they are going much darker in the costume department, but I have no doubt they'll get back to the color-coded look at some point. 

Enjoy (and don't forget to caption that last pic):

STAR TREK 2 goes where no man has gone before...again...on May 17, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: I'd never seen that deleted Klingon scene from the first film until today and must say...sweeeeet.
Source: IndiewireHitfix



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