G.I. Joe: Retaliation delay blamed on Channing Tatum?

SPOILERS below. 

Yesterday, I tackled the speculation of why G.I. JOE: RETALIATION may have been delayed and today we have some insider info that aligns with most of our thoughts, but with one big surprise; apparantly Channing Tatum's success with THE VOW and 21 JUMP STREET caused execs to feel that by killing his character off in the first 10 minutes of the film wasn't the smartest move. 

Here's the inside track from Deadline:

This was a case of letting a schedule to fill a summer slot dictate the film not being in 3D even though we knew that would be the most commercial version of the film. Then in the spring there were 2 big events. First John Carter lost $200M despite the best efforts of the Pixar brain trust. But the 3D film managed to gross over $200M overseas, nearly tripling its U.S. take.

“Also Channing Tatum had a breakout spring, starring in The Vow and 21 Jump Street. In our first screening of the film the reaction from audiences was good but with 2 big concerns: 1) They didn’t like the fact that Channing and The Rock really didn’t have any time to develop a friendship before Channing died, and 2) Why wasn’t it going to be in 3D? We went back and shot another week with Channing to develop more of his story with The Rock, which made the film play much better. But we didn’t have the time to be in 3D.

“Then a week ago Battleship basically had the same performance as John Carter – $60M-$70M U.S. and just over $200M international. That was just a wake-up call that said to us we need to offer the best version of the film irrespective of summer market share to ensure the best possible performance. And not being in 3D will cost us a ton of business internationally.

This still seems like a case of too little, too late and not having faith in the initial product.  I still don't understand why they didn't plan for 3D from the get go and I don't buy that they just "didn't have time."

It sounds like the test screenings didn't go as well as planned and they got nervous, fearing a bomb, so they looked to two recent bombs (JOHN CARTER and BATTLESHIP), which did great overseas, especially with 3D, and made a snap decision.  Coupled with shooting more of MAGIC MIKE himself, the studio could possibly squeeze another $100-200 million from overseas and domestic combined with these changes.  So, I get it, but at the same time, I'm still left wondering what the film would've been without the major upcoming changes.

More than anything, as I stated in C'mon Hollywood this week, I think the fans are soured by the massive marketing push and sudden shift, which leaves them feeling slighted, painting a picture of "greedy" Hollywood.  I don't see it as greed, per se, as it's just a business trying to make the most of its product, but I get the disdain. 

What do you guys think?  Will more Channing Tatum in 3D make you a happy camper come March 29, 2013?

Any chance we can get more Adrianne Palicki with less clothing for the reshoots?  C'mon, Paramount, sweeten the deal!

Extra Tidbit: I say again: Peter Berg on G.I. Joe: Retaliation instead of Battleship would've averted this disaster altogether and left us with one less crappy movie.
Source: Deadline



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