G.I. Joe rumours

The following is an example of a story I’m going to write about, not because I care, but because it’s my obligation, as a friend, a gentleman, and a scholar. LatinoReview has hit us with some G.I. JOE casting rumors, so get on the edge of those seats, drop everything else you’re doing (nothing, right?) and await confirmation with rest of us. Apparently Brendan Fraser has already shot a cameo, as a soldier named Gung Ho. People may complain that Fraser looks nothing like Ho, but does it really matter? Who knows what Ho looks like anyway? They’re both men, right? Then who cares.

Also, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has reportedly (I already used ‘apparently’) been offered the role of the Latino marine Shipwreck. If you’ll remember, both actors worked with director Stephen Sommers in THE MUMMY and its sequel, so this makes sense as a favor to their old friend. Either way, you can catch G.I. JOE, with or without these two cats, on August 7th 2009.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently Fraser already shot his part during a training sequence in 'The Pit.'
Source: Latino Review



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