Gibson finally hits the brakes on his beef with Dwayne Johnson

Tyrese Gibson has taken his beef against the big bull that is Dwayne Johnson to new levels recently, to the point where he may not even continue with the franchise if Johnson sticks around. This development came about only a few days ago, but now it seems Gibson has been able to come to some sort of common ground with Johnson, to the point where is now calling off all beef…at least on social media.

Gibson put out a new post yesterday saying that after speaking with one of Johnson’s associates he will no longer post any more rants on social media, all before expressing his excitement over the return of director Justin Lin for the final two movies

The caption is a bit mysterious because though he seems to have made a little bit of peace with Johnson, he still seems to be at odds, saying he’s not “DJ’s Co-Star.” Though Gibson never said he was officially quitting the series, he posted a few days ago that if Dwayne Johnson returns to FAST 9 then we would see no more of his character, Roman Pearce.  That may have just been bluster, especially given how he expressed his excitement to work with Lin again, hinting he will indeed be staying on even if Johnson returns. So much drama, folks.

All these issues began some time ago when it was announced FAST 9 would be delayed so that Johnson and Jason Statham could film their Hobbs/Shaw spinoff flick, causing Gibson to outrage. He put out several posts saying that Johnson turned his back on family for his own personal gain, escalating to developments we read this week. Johnson has been mum on the matter, never really posting in response to Gibson. There was a video leaking a not long ago showing Johnson mocking Gibson’s latest “dogshit” album, but it has been speculated the video was taken two years ago, and that Johnson may have just been adopting his wrestling persona for the sake of a joke.

Gibson has been very vocal the last few months about the whole delay issue, but he hasn’t seemed to gain a ton of followers along the way. He has detailed his financial struggles while divorcing from his wife, but still, plenty of people seem to believe he’s overreacting by trying to paint the world’s biggest star as a villain. Hopefully, matters were solved behind closed doors and Gibson will wait patiently to start work on FAST 9. That's really the best option. Thank god the matter is settled, because if I was someone in charge at Universal and had to keep reading these posts, I would start to rethink Gibson’s involvement regardless of whether or not Johnson returned. 

FAST AND FURIOUS 9 is set for 2020.

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