Halloween delayed?

Just a few days ago Ain't It Cool News reviewed the script for Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN remake/revisioning. They didn't like it. About one day later, I was able to get my hands on the script as well. I didn't like it either. In fact I think Quint, AICN's reviewer, was probably kinder than I would've been in my review. The dialogue is often times atrocious, the pacing is all off and the character of Michael Myers, as conceived by Zombie, is truly flawed. There are some glimmers of hope and I do like the concept of Myers recording his early torture sessions with a handheld tape recorder:

(speaking quietly into the microphone)
This is Michael and this is Jennifer out in the woods.

That's the Myers I want to see - evil incarnate from day one. Not some kid who was normal but got messed up cause his mom's a stripper, her boyfriend is abusive and the kids at school call him a fag. In any event, Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Zombie is taking some of the recent criticism to heart (despite maintaining the draft Quint and I read is an older version) and has delayed HALLOWEEN so that he can sufficiently rewrite the script. I hope this news is true cause I think there's a decent shell here that could be refined with a lot of focus and work. Cut out the seemingly endless scenes of Loomis trying to track down the paperwork of Myers' baby sister. Zombie has yet to confirm the delay but we'll stay on top of the case as it develops.



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