Hanks joins Carrey?

If you're as big an animation fan as I am, Jim Hill's site is a must read on at least a weekly basis. Tons of fascinating behind the scenes scoop on Disney, DreamWorks and animation in general. This weekend they scored a pretty good scoop with a pre-production image from Robert Zemeckis' planned mo-cap CHRISTMAS CAROL movie (right). That's not all though - he also got some scoop about who would be playing the other characters that Jim Carrey wasn't already performing (he's got Scrooge and all three Ghosts of Christmas). According to Hill, Zemeckis is in talks with Tom Hanks, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to star as Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim and Marley's ghost respectively. Hanks and Lloyd are both perfect for their parts (is there a better Cratchit in history than Tom Hanks?) and I can even imagine what Zemeckis will do with Fox to create Tiny Tim. Should be an amazing production. The ImageMovers Digital team will be on hand showcasing footage from BEOWULF at Comic-Con so I expect to pepper them with more questions about this to suss out some details.

Extra Tidbit: Mary Lou Retton will always be my favorite Tiny Tim.
Source: Jim Hill Media



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