Harry Potter's Diagon Alley will open at Universal Orlando on July 8th!

If you've had the good fortune of visiting Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure over the past four years, then you most likely saw the newest addition to the park, Hogsmeade Village, from the Harry Potter universe. While Disney and Universal have had some healthy competition in regards to their theme parks, Universal really stepped up their game when creating Hogsmeade Village, and the great castle of Hogwarts. No detail was spared and the park saw record breaking numbers for the themed area. It wasn't long after that Universal decided to expand upon the land and introduce Diagon Alley into the equation.

As you can see, several of the key cast members from the films are at Diagon to announce the date that the expansion will open. We have the Weasley twins (played by James and Oliver Phelps, respectively), Neville Longbottom's sultry calves (Matthew Lewis) and Evanna Lynch, who's looking better now than she ever did as Luna Lovegood. If you recall, Diagon Alley was the Wizarding market located in London, England. The land itself will feature shops such as Ollivander's (where wands are sold), Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes (for candies and other goods) as well as a new ride taking place inside the troll bank of Gringotts, that should very much be reminiscent of that cool mine cart action featured in HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2. For those who have a park-hopper pass, you can even take the Hogwarts Express from Diagon Alley (located in Universal Studios) to the village of Hogsmeade (in Islands of Adventure). The official date this new section will be open to the masses is July 8th.

Check out the announcement video:

Given what this does to immerse fans into the films of Harry Potter, JoBlo will be covering the details. You can expect more pictures and goodies over the course of next week in regards to Diagon Alley, but we do have some pictures for you now that shows off some of the amazing detail (check out that dragon)!

Once again, Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando will officially open to the public on July 8, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be making the trek to Orlando to experience Diagon Alley?



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