HBO's programming chief says a third season of True Detective "is not dead"

The sophomore season of True Detective failed to win over most fans, although our own Alex Maidy defends it in one of his recent Unpopular Opinion columns. While there's no denying that Nic Pizzolatto is a genius in his own right, he certainly seems disinterested in doing what's expected of him. With that said, the idea of a third season of True Detective may feel like a dream at this point, but HBO’s programming chief Casey Bloys has hope that the series could continue.

HBO’s programming chief Casey Bloys on a third season of True Detective:

It is not dead, but there’s no take on a third season yet.

Bloys went on to say that he was open to someone else writing a third season, and just keeping Pizzolatto on as a supervisor. That may sound like it defeats the purpose, but it's also possibly the only way to get another run at this thing. FX has certainly proved with Fargo that a crime show can take on new characters and new cases and be successful, so I'd love for True Detective to follow suit. Especially on a network where you can get away with almost anything.

Source: Vulture



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