Here's the first official image of De Niro and Stallone in Grudge Match

If Stallone and De Niro get into a fight, not a movie fight, a real fight-- who wins? Wait, is that fair? Stallone has definitely kept himself in pretty good shape for almost being 70-years old. De Niro also isn't known as an "action star" so he doesn't feel the need to keep up the bod.

What about ROCKY vs. RAGING BULL? Actually you can expect to see a little of that in GRUDGE MATCH, a film that sees two aging boxing legends going head to head for one final match. Director Peter Segal says that he found training footage from both of the actors from their respective boxing films and spliced them into his film. Obviously as flashbacks, there's not going to be any weird hologram stuff here.

Both actors admitted to being fairly comfortable taking on one another in the ring. The don't look too comfortable in the first official photo from the film. De Niro is doing De Niro while Stallone is well, doing Stallone. Alan Arkin is there along with Kevin Hart and Jon Bernthal. Check it out below.

Source: USA Today



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