MOVIE POLL: How hot is Jessica Biel?

How hot is Jessica Biel?

Easily the hottest piece of...harumph, actress in Hollywood today!
She's hot, but it's her ass that I really want to marry!
I would consider maining someone if that meant that I would have a shot at nailing her!
Honestly, I think her body is too muscled...almost manly. I said it.
She's almost too hot, to the point that she's not hot anymore. That make sense?
Bah. I don't get the hubbub about this chick. She looks typical white-bread to me.
Two words: douche-bag.
Dude, I'm gay and even *I* wanna nail that stuff!!
Who the f*ck is Jessica Biel?
You're a sexist pig for even asking, JoBlo!

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