I don't want to be reburied in a Pet Sematary

Just about this time last year, we told you that Matthew Greenberg (1408) was working on a script for a PET SEMATARY remake. Now we get word from the LA Times that Greenberg has turned in his script to Paramount and the studio is on the search for a "high-level director" to get the project on the fast-track.

It's unclear at this time whether the film is a remake or reboot or what. The original 1989 film was fairly faithful to the book (it was written by Stephen King himself) so assuming this version doesn't veer too far from the source material, it'll be a straightforward retelling of the story - ancient Indian burial ground brings the dead buried there back to life in evil ways.

PET SEMATARY is just another example of Stephen King's renaissance in Hollywood. After a few years when very few of King's books were being adapted to films, THE DARK TOWER, THE STAND, IT and this film are all in various forms of development around Hollywood.

The question, of course, begs to be asked: who should play Zelda? Christian Bale?

Source: LA Times



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