Ice Cube is a 10

Ice Cube is in talks to star in and produce an adaptation of Keith Giffen's graphic novel 10 for Dimension Films. The film would star Cube as Graham Meachum, a regular guy who comes home from vacation and finds a letter in his mailbox telling him he's been selected to participate in a competition. It involves 10 people and the only way to win is to be the last one alive (if there is more than one person left at the end, they all die). He laughs it off as junk mail until one of the game's last surviving participants shows up at his house with an axe. Now no offense to Cube but this is the kinda stuff I want to see him in. Enough of this ARE WE DONE YET? horseshit. This is the guy who launched a career with FRIDAY. True XXX2 didn't exactly launch him into action hero stardom but I still want to see Cube doing something down and dirty. Gustin Nash and Jesse Cale, who wrote the modern-day Bruce Lee flick RAGE & FURY, scripted the adaptation. Cube is currently filming FIRST SUNDAY, another family comedy..., and is attached to a WELCOME BACK, KOTTER remake.

Extra Tidbit: Giffen created Lobo, one of DC's best and most-popular 1990s character.
Source: Variety



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