In news that isn't much of a surprise, The Hangover 3 is on the way

With THE HANGOVER 2 already breaking records over Memorial weekend, it should be no surprise that the third part of the trilogy is on the way.

Craig Mazin, who is responsible for writing the current installment is now hired to write the third and final installment. Mazin can also be credited with penning the scripts for SCARY MOVIE 3 & 4 as well as SUPERHERO MOVIE.

It's also been revealed by Jamie Chung that Amsterdam will be the possible destination for THE HANGOVER 3. This is what she told THR, “Probably Amsterdam. If you think of the coolest, craziest cities in the world, it would have to be Las Vegas, Bangkok and Amsterdam.” Justin Bartha added this, “Amsterdam could be a different kind of hangover. It could be fun. And Zach [Galifanakis] will probably already be there.”

Of course, Ken Jeong just wants to be in it, “I would absolutely do a third one [with] no fear of typecasting. All of my fame and success in the last few years is directly due to The Hangover. Those guys are like family to me, so it doesn't matter -- big part or small part… Well, I guess I know a thing or two about small parts.”

A third film has not been greenlit by Warner Bros. but it's only a matter of time.

Extra Tidbit: Mazin was once a contestant on Win Ben Stein's Money. He did not win his money--he was eliminated in the second round.



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