Inhumans featurette reveals more new footage from the upcoming ABC show

INHUMANS has had a rough go of it lately. Originally part of the MCU movie slate, it was then quietly shuffled to the ABC line-up. Then, when the trailer finally surfaced, the reaction was either a hearty ironic laugh or a resounding "meh". Everything from the cheap sets, the unearned gravitas, the cheesy effects - it all seemed laughable that they were supposed to replace the X-Men at one point.

But, to be fair, we have not yet seen the whole show, and it is still not yet finished (as a panel where the creators had to defend what they've done have said numerous times), so we don't know if it's bad marketing or a bad product just yet. Meanwhile, if you wanted to see more footage here's a featurette about the making of INHUMANS:

Not really boosting my confidence, I have to admit.

Meanwhile, INHUMANS will premiere on on IMAX screens September 1st, then on ABC September 29th.

Extra Tidbit: Remember when Vin Diesel wanted to play Black Bolt?
Source: YouTube



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