Is a Tron: Legacy sequel speeding closer to a greenlight?

TRON: LEGACY didn't do much to wow critics. The film currently sits at 49% on Rotten Tomatoes. But if sequels were greenlit based on critical response, we never would've gotten to LITTLE FOCKERS. Money is the real issue here and while TRON: LEGACY didn't set fire to the box-office like Disney have hoped, it is just shy of $300 million worldwide, which is a respectable number. And it's apparently enough to convince Disney to give TRON another go.

Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Disney is "close, incredibly close" to greenlighting and announcing a TRON: LEGACY sequel. It's surprising but not all that surprising considering that a good part of the inflated TRON budget was the development and research that went into the visual effects. Now that a good deal of that framework is set up, you'd think they could get this next film going at a somewhat reduced cost.

Not to mention that Disney has other TRONs in the fires that could benefit from another movie. There's the animated series that's set to debut on Disney XD that would be a spinoff of the film and could somehow tie into a new sequel. Plus there's videogames, toys, you name it. This is less about making a new sequel and more about creating a new franchise.

While not much is known about where another TRON film would go, it's likely to star a certain actor who made a cameo appearance in the beginning of the film.

So are you interested in a TRON: LEGACIER? What worlds do you think they could/should explore in a new film?

Extra Tidbit: I want a TRON world that's more like something from A.I. Dirty, dingy, sexy, run-down...
Source: Ain't It Cool



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