Is Terminator 6 still happening? Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to think so

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The TERMINATOR franchise is certainly down, but it may not be out. Earlier this year, Paramount pulled the planned sixth and seventh installments from their release schedule following TERMINATOR: GENISYS' underperforming domestic box office run, and although it still managed to earn a tad over $350 million in international markets, most critics and moviegoers weren't impressed with the film.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently asked about the possibility of another TERMINATOR flick during an appearance on Channel 9's Weekend Today, and he responded “I am looking forward to it, absolutely.”

Obviously this isn't confirmation that TERMINATOR: THE FIGHT TO SAVE THE FRANCHISE will definitely happen, however Schwarzenegger's response seems to suggest that Paramount is, at the very least, considering doing another movie. If the studio does decide to move forward with TERMINATOR 6, what would you like to see in the next entry in the film series?



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