Is the Blade Runner sequel being rewritten by the guy who wrote Green Lantern?

Ridley Scott has openly talked about his development of a sequel to BLADE RUNNER. Whether it involves Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard or not is unclear, but like PROMETHEUS, Scott intends to tell another story in the same universe that BLADE RUNNER exists in. The only other news that we have heard is original screenwriter Hampton Fancher was drafting the screenplay. Now, someone else is being brought in to do a rewrite.

According to The Wrap, Michael Green is in negotiations to pen the second draft of the BLADE RUNNER sequel. If you don't know that name, you should know Green cowrote 2011's GREEN LANTERN. Green's IMDb page lists the majority of his writing work has been for television series including EVERWOOD, SEX AND THE CITY, SMALLVILLE, and HEROES. The site also lists him as the writer of the script for THE FLASH, but we all know how trustworthy IMDb can be.

The Wrap also indicates sources have the new film as a sequel set several years after BLADE RUNNER and that Ridley Scott is still trying to get Harrison Ford back. I trust Scott whereas many have issues with him since PROMETHEUS was released. For those people I say that Damon Lindelof is not writing BLADE RUNNER, so you should calm down. Now, GREEN LANTERN is not exactly the ringing endorsement you want for a BLADE RUNNER writer, so we will have to wait and see what happens with this one.

How worried are you now about BLADE RUNNER 2?

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