It images offer new look at Pennywise & the Losers Club

We are only two weeks away from the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, and already the movie’s trailers have hinted at a terrific, haunting experience. Bill Skarsgard seems to have nailed the evil clown Pennywise, and the focus on the young Losers Club calls to mind 80’s flicks like STAND BY ME and GOONIES. Now with only a short time left Warner Bros. has dished out a new set of photos that give you a new look at Pennywise, while the majority features the band of terrorized children. Enjoy!

 Click to embiggen, as the added detail really makes the terror pop.

The next two weeks couldn't come fast enough, and I really hope director Andres Muschietti has crafted something special here. I caught the special sneak peek when I saw ANNABELLE: CREATION, and Skarsgard hit it out of the park as Pennywise. I can only imagine the terrified looks of those kids faces had little to do with acting as were generated by actual fear, and hopefully, we will leave the theater with the exact same expressions.

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IT hits theaters September 8.

Source: Warner Bros.



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