It is a good day! Ice Cube returns in xXx3, as dozens of xXx fans rejoice

I know I've been harsh on xXx3: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE, as it seems like a movie that just wants you to have a good time. It's goofy, silly, and stupid, and I'm aware that's pretty much the series' modus operandi. But there's an art to being goofy, silly, and stupid, dammit! And I'm just concerned that this sequel isn't respecting that art.

However, the recent news that none other than Ice Cube himself is coming back shows that maybe they are respecting it. Let's take a look at a new TV spot showing him in action:

Honestly, I think this is awesome. While I'm sure there aren't a bunch of xXx fans who were clamouring for this, it's cool to give kudos to the few that were. It's goofy and unnecessary, but you know what? I'm glad they put at least some effort into this! While I'm still not looking forward to it per se, this is definitely a step in the right direction. 

Either way, xXx3: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE will motorcycle/jet-ski or something into theaters January 20th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Xander Cage actually dies in a DVD extra of XXX: STATE OF THE UNION (he explodes, and the bad guy looks at a piece of skin that has the "iconic" tattoo on it). I think it's retconned now.
Source: YouTube



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