Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson re-teaming for Shanghai Dawn

Shanghai Dawn Jackie Chan Owen Wilson

Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are finally set to get back in the saddle again as Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon. Tracking Board has learned that Chan and Wilson will reprise their SHANGHAI NOON and SHANGHAI KNIGHTS roles in a third installment titled SHANGHAI DAWN. Original producer Jonathan Glickman is overseeing the project for MGM, and the studio is currently looking for a writer.

As to where the threequel will take place (SHANGHAI NOON was set in Nevada, while SHANGHAI KNIGHTS involved the duo traveling to London), back in 2003 Owen Wilson told Empire that there was "talk of going to Egypt," and Jackie Chan also said South Africa was in the mix as well. Of course that was over twelve years ago, so who knows what MGM's plans are for the third film.

Both SHANGHAI NOON and SHANGHAI KNIGHTS were well-received by critics, and they also did quite well at the box office.The first film grossed almost $100 million worldwide against a budget of $55 million, and the $50 million sequel pulled in over $85 million. In my opinion the Shanghia flicks are two of the better American Jackie Chan movies, however it's not like people have been clamoring for a third film, and comedies with long gaps between sequels don't have a fantastic track record. But I'm still interested in checking out SHANGHAI DAWN, and hopefully it will be just as the fun as the previous movies.

Source: Tracking Board



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