James Franco to teach a college course...about James Franco

We've previously discussed James Franco's penchant for being busy 100% of his life, and the theory that he might actually be some sort of cyborg or alien spy as no human could physically do as much as he does.

School has been a particular interest to him outside of acting, and he's attended many different universities, at one point taking sixty credits in ONE semester. But now he's moving from being a student to a teacher, and is poised to oversee a class at Columbia College Hollywood (not related to Columbia University where Franco received an MFA).

The course is called Master Class: Editing James Franco ... With James Franco, and the official course synopsis is as follows:

"12 of the private film school's best editing students [will] create a 30-minute documentary film from videographic footage from Mr. Franco's own unorthodox career." And yes, Franco will be stopping by to teach and guide them on this documentary about his own life.

The press release explains further:

"Mr. Franco's frequent collaborator and editor Tyler Danna is teaching the course ... Mr. Franco is providing the footage -- much of it from behind the scenes on short films he has directed -- and the conception for the course and will speak to the students weekly via live feed (Skype) and attend the weekly class sessions when his schedule allows. The student editors will seek to create a cinematic image of James Franco through the footage."

I guess you could view this as being kind of arrogant on his part, but I'm going to go ahead and say it's just hilarious. There really is no one in Hollywood like this guy.

Extra Tidbit: And remember, if you want to learn ACTING from James Franco, there's always this.
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