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We recently told you about IESB’s chat with Doug Jones about the Silver Surfer at the PAN’S LABYRINTH press day but you may also be interested to know that Del Toro fan Thomas Jane was present and willing to unload about the status of THE PUNISHER 2 – Jigsaw is once again confirmed as the villain, he doesn’t think any of the characters besides Frank Castle will return from the 2004 version as The Punisher has moved on “to a different plane of existence,” shooting is expected to start in May, and he sort of admits he wasn’t entirely happy with the first film’s script by saying the sequel’s scriptwriter, Stuart Beattie, will be the one to get it right – as well as some updates about the adapted-from-Stephen King THE MIST he’ll be starring in, which he calls “TWELVE ANGRY MEN with monsters.” The real reason to watch this video interview, though, is to decide if Jane is high, at the tail end of a ten hour drunk, simply overworked and downright pooped, or some glorious combination of the three. And then come to the conclusion that he’s pretty awesome any way you cut it. Check it out HERE.

And while you’re over there at IESB lend your ears and eyes to the great Guillermo Del Toro himself (and Mike Mignola) talking about HELLBOY 2, his other projects including the dark fantasy-realist TARZAN, and his philosophies, consistencies, and tendencies as a filmmaker in general (on being offered THE NOTEBOOK: “I need a monster on my call sheet to feel happy.”) So, what can we take away from Jane and Del Toro? Monsters make everything better.
Extra Tidbit: According to Del Toro, Warner Bros. will finance a trailer for MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS so, even if the movie never gets made, there will always be that.
Source: IESB



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