Jeremy Renner up to replace Jake Gyllenhaal in Motor City?

MOTOR CITY, the next project from director Albert Hughes (THE BOOK OF ELI), has had its fair share of trouble getting a leading man locked into place. First there was talk of Chris Evans (THE AVENGERS), then Dominic Cooper (THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE) before a scheduling conflict axed him, and most recently Jake Gyllenhaal (SOURCE CODE) - who we just last week reported was in talks for the project - apparently couldn't fit it into his calendar either.

But now, according to Twitch, it seems future Hawkeye and Not Jason Bourne Jeremy Renner has been offered the lead in MOTOR CITY with negotiations already in progress. The film, based on a Black List script by first-timer Chad St. John, follows "an ex-Army Ranger named John Miller who is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Now, he is going after the man who framed him and stole his true love." Amber Heard is the "true love" (of course) and Gary Oldman will play the villain (obviously), a "kingpin-type pulling the strings."

MOTOR CITY is scheduled to begin shooting next month.
Source: Twitch



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