Steve Carell and Jim Carrey may star with one of these five ladies in the magician comedy Burt Wonderstone

Earlier this month we brought you the news that Steve Carell and Jim Carrey would be staring in a rival magicians comedy called BURT WONDERSTONE. Carell will be playing the title conjurer while Carey will take on the role of a street magician.

But what film would be complete without the presence of a lovely female lead? According to Deadline, the five actresses on the shortlist to take on the the film's main female role are Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Sarah Silverman, Judy Greer, and Jessica Biel. What exactly that role will be - A magician's assistant? A smitten fan? - is currently unknown. There are also no new details on the film's story, so we'll have to just wait it out on that.

And while most "shortlists" seem to always consist of the same handful of actors (in today's case, Wilde, Biel, and perhaps Monaghan), this one throws out two less common (and more interesting) names than most with Sarah Silverman and Judy Greer - two proven funny women that would automatically change the feel of the film in, I think, a positive way. What say you?

BURT WONDERSTONE, to be directed by "30 Rock" guy Don Scardino, is currently being re-written by Jason Reitman (YOUNG ADULT, JUNO).
Source: Deadline



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