J.J. Abrams on the hunt for an enormous mega-deal from several studios

J.J. Abrams is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, having had a hand in TV shows such as Alias, Felicity, Lost, Fringe, Westworld, and Castle Rock, as well as feature-films like MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, CLOVERFIELD, STAR TREK, and of course, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. According to Variety, Abrams could be getting a hell of a lot bigger as he's looking to score a lucrative mega-deal with a big media company which will bring his entire team under one roof.

A number of insiders told Variety that the deal which J.J. Abrams is perusing would encompass "films, television series, digital content, music, games, consumer products, and theme park opportunities." The meetings with studios began late last summer and those courting Abrams and his team include "Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and Disney studio chairman Alan Horn; Universal Filmed Entertainment Group chairman Jeff Shell and Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley; and Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO Kevin Tsujihara." It also wouldn't be wise to rule out Netflix or Apple at this stage, but Variety notes that they "don't have theme park operations or consumer products divisions, areas where Abrams is eager to make his imprint." The value of the potential deal is said to be quite substantial, with some saying that Abrams is hoping for something worth half-a-billion dollars or more. He's also insisting on a specific number of guaranteed slots on a studio’s slate of movies.

The battle for J.J. Abrams' affections is reportedly down to Disney and Universal, but one insider noted that Disney is in the most powerful position thanks to Abrams' involvement in the STAR WARS franchise. Most of J.J. Abrams' current business is split between Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Television, but his Warner Bros. deal will expire next May and his Paramount deal will be coming to an end in March 2020. The talks with potential suitors are taking place so early due to the complexity of the deal. J.J. Abrams has been filming STAR WARS: EPISODE IX for the past several months, which is set for a December 20, 2019 release.

Source: Variety



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