J.K. Simmons says Terminator: Genesis script surprised him

When you think of the Amazing Spider-Man flicks, what's the one ingredient that's missing? The element that would take the swinging hipster and slingshot him in the stratosphere of superiority? That's right; J.K. Simmons. Not even the character of J. Jonah Jameson, just J.K. Simmons. I'm pretty sure they could just replace his name and use his likeness for the rest of time, and everyone would be okay with that. While we won't be seeing him around the web-head anytime soon, he will play a part in the upcoming TERMINATOR: GENESIS. The man also dropped some tidbits in regard to the film and his role.

In regards to the story and the script:

I was leery of it when it first came my way, when my agent sent me the idea for it. It's a small part, which they insist gets much bigger in the sequels. But I was very pleasantly surprised by the script itself. This, I think, is a reimagining. They don't want to call it a sequel or a reboot. It's the world that James Cameron created with Arnold. All the leading characters are characters who have existed in that world – the character I play is new to it. The script, I think, is very smart, and it's going to be a wonderful part for Arnold to do. Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney are already shooting – we did a table read a few weeks ago – and all of them are going to be great.

In regards to working with director Alan Taylor:

Alan Taylor is a wonderful director – I got to work with him on Oz a couple of times – so I'm optimistic that this can be one of those films. Y'know, it's a big action franchise, but it's also going to be a really intelligent, entertaining, enjoyable film.

No one sets out to make a bad film (well, at least before SyFy) but I become a little weary when I hear about studios trying to set up franchises. Obviously a franchise is guaranteed money in the bank, but as previously detailed in expert fashion, the focus on story and characters is (more often than not) lost. I really hope everyone on board here is able to succeed where the previous two Terminator films have failed.

TERMINATOR: GENESIS hopes to terminate poor expectations on July 1, 2015.

Source: Empire



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