JoBlo.com covers the 2009 MTV Movie Awards!

The 2009 MTV Movie Awards have come and gone. Apparently, teenage girls went crazy at the polls leading TWILIGHT to win a bunch of awards. Yep, it beat SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and THE DARK KNIGHT. Sure it isn’t all that surprising considering that it is a people‘s choice type of deal, but it is an odd thing to say, the award winning… Twilight. And since I was on my way to enjoy a Dodger Dog with Rusty afterwards, I didn’t get to see the teen vamp romance win a ton of Popcorn Men, and I didn’t get to see Eminem get a full view of “Bruno” and his backside. But I was there, with the great Rusty E., armed to the teeth with camera and microphone, on the red carpet.

This year, we were hoping for a little better spot on the carpet, so we could maybe get a few bigger names to drop by and say hello. Last year, we ended up with the Bloggers. And although it was pretty comfortable not being packaged together like sardines with the rest, we were hoping for a really cool spot this time around. And we got nothing of the sort. We were near the very end, the place where most of the big names would hardly notice we were there. Really, they were rushing in to the Gibson Amphitheatre so not to miss a moment of award show fun. Although, most of them stopped to sign autographs for a lucky group of kids who were sitting on some bleachers just across from us. They took pictures of the big time celebrities, and a ton of reality TV stars that I have never heard of. They even signed autographs for this lucky handful of fans. Good times for them… I think we were on the wrong side, as much of the press that waited patiently with me and Rusty didn’t get a whole lot of love.

Don’t get me wrong, we got a few fun little moments of talk with cool peeps. This includes a few regulars that we love, including Clifton Collins Jr., Derek Mears, Ron Perlman, Luke Goss, Jon Voight and a couple of others including the very funny Jorma Taccone. It was also my first time to chat with the lovely Kristen Bell so we had the chance to talk FANBOYS. I also played rough and was able to drag Kings of Leon over and talk about having to sing the same songs over and over. And yes, while Megan Fox and many other lovely ladies passed us by and went right for the fans, I did have a very special moment with… Zac Efron. Yep, Zac came over and shook my hand.

That was it really. We had high hopes for this years red carpet adventures, and yes, some of it was fun as hell, yet we missed out on a couple of folks I would’ve loved to talk to. And while it seemed that the tween population took control this year and the awards were certainly proof of that, it is still damn cool to be hanging out on the red carpet. What are your thoughts on this years awards? And seriously, how many of you actually voted?

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