JoBlo.com launches new animated short series, JoBlo's Zen, on FunnyOrDie.com!

Today, we're launching a new "animated short" series on the site called JOBLO'S ZEN featuring JoBlo and the Arrow characters, going about their daily lives in cartoon format (kinda like in real life). This new series will be updated every 3-4 weeks on our FunnyOrDie.com channel, so if you dig 'em, please vote for us over there and/or share with friends. Our pilot "teaser" episode below is more of an intro to the two characters in their familiar habitat (JoBlo's den basement) but later episodes will feature more interaction with the boys, people around them, as well as plenty of adventures at Comic Con, strip joints, movie theaters and plenty of other funky places where mayhem can be interpreted. Here's the official byline of the show:

"JoBlo and the Arrow are two dudes who enjoy smoking some good weed, drinking some good drinks, as well as watching movies and playing videogames. Basically, they're your every day movie geek but with a Canadian twist and an extra helping of hot chicks." 

Source: FunnyOrDie.com



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