Drew Pearce's directorial debut Hotel Artemis nabs Jodie Foster

Drew Pearce, co-writer of IRON MAN 3 and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION, will be making his feature film debut on HOTEL ARTEMIS (having previously directed the short Marvel One-Shot ALL HAIL TO THE KING about Ben Kingsley's Trevor Slattery). Not a lot of clues as to what the film will be about, other than that it's "set in its own distinctive crime universe...HOTEL ARTEMIS is a near future thriller". Okay.

However there must be something to it, as Pearce seems to have nabbed mutliple Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster as a character named "The Nurse". What's with everything being so vague and cryptic with this thing?

Anyway, Pearce had this to say about his star:

Jodie Foster is an icon, pure and simple. She's an extraordinary artist, and to be working with one of the all-time greats on my first feature as a director is an absolute honor.

Honestly, I'm just hoping this thing has a budget so we can have some more big budget original films not tied down to IPs. Then again I hoped ELYSIUM (also starring Jodie Foster) would do the same thing a few years ago, and look how that turned out. However, I'm still optimistic, even if I have no idea what the hell the movie's about.

So what do you Schmoes think? A fan of Pearce's work?

Extra Tidbit: Drew Pearce is best known as creator of NO HEROICS, the cult hit British TV comedy about off-duty superheroes



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