Joe Carnahan to direct and script an adaptation of graphic novel, Undying Love

Joe Carnahan's name has been thrown into a couple of different director shortlists within the past year. I've also seen him as some suggestions in recent "Cast This: Director's Edition" columns. So what job has he landed now? It looks like Carnahan is heading into graphic novel territory.

The director will helm as well as script an adaptation of Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman's UNDYING LOVE. The two creators actually did the first draft of the screenplay, but now Carnahan is stepping in.

Here's the synopsis of the graphic novel: Determined to ensure the possibility of a future together, Sargent sets out with Mei on a journey to free her from this curse and make her human once more. Unfortunately, that means destroying the vampire that first made her, and Sargent soon learns Mei was bitten by one of the most powerful vampires in history! Further complicating their desperate situation, their unlikely human/vampire dynamic has piqued the unfathomable interests of other strange beings drawn from Chinese folklore.

Carnahan is up for the challenge, even if it is a little out of his own comfort zone, “I really took to it, and the metric I use is how fast I come up with ideas and an outline, and this brought about a bunch of ideas. It is a little out of my wheelhouse, taking place in China with mysticism and swordplay, but there is a lot of potential here.”

I haven't read this one, and though I do need a little break from vampires, I'm up for other takes on the folklore.

Extra Tidbit: Carnahan recently turned in a draft for a remake of DEATH WISH. How do you guys feel about that?
Source: Deadline



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