John August shares rejected pitch for a Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman movie

There have been plenty of actresses to play Catwoman over the decades, but one of the best in my eyes was Michelle Pfeiffer in BATMAN RETURNS. As the ending of the Tim Burton film left the possibility open for Catwoman's return, Warner Bros. soon moved forward on a spin-off which would find Michelle Pfeiffer reprising the role. Burton was attached to direct with BATMAN RETURNS co-writer Daniel Waters penning the script, but by the time the screenplay was turned in, BATMAN FOREVER had been released to theaters and had turned the franchise towards a more campy direction. Needless to say, the project plunged into the murky depths of development hell.

Over the past few days, Twitter users have been sharing their own stories of professional rejections with the hashtag #ShareYourRejections, and screenwriter John August (BIG FISH) shared an interesting story of the time he pitched Warner Bros. his own take for a new Catwoman film.

It's certainly an interesting beginning, and it would have been great to have seen it developed more, particularly knowing that Michelle Pfeiffer would have been returning. Warner Bros. clearly had their own ideas on where the Catwoman project should go, which apparently involved Sarah Michelle Gellar washing her hair. Alright. The Catwoman project went through several more iterations over the years before it finally hit theaters in the form of 2004's CATWOMAN with Halle Berry in the title role. Time to empty that litter box.

Source: Twitter



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