John Williams' Last Jedi score makes its way online

The STAR WARS movies would not be what they are without the amazing work of composer John Williams, who has spent decades infusing the galaxy with epic themes. He returned to score STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, as he did FORCE AWAKENS, and if you have yet to see the movie but still need to inject a little bit of that Williams goodness into your bloodstream, then rejoice in knowing the score is officially online.

With over an hour of music, Williams score is filled with both familiar STAR WARS sounds, unique compositions, and even has a jaunty party-starter in “Canto Bight.” If you don’t want to hear any of the music or read the tracklist before seeing the movie, then look away, but if you’re not too cautious then scroll on down and begin your musical journey.

Though he did not score the music for ROGUE ONE, Williams did come back to score THE FORCE AWAKENS, and for his work, he was nominated for yet another Oscar. This film will probably earn some nominations in the tech categories, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Williams snagged what would be his 1,045th nomination in the category for his work on LAST JEDI

The score is great, although I don’t know if I like it more than FORCE AWAKENS. At the very least it’s just as good, and Williams is always reliable for great cinematic music. The "Canto Bight" song will probably be a standout given its so different from anything in the STAR WARS discography, reminding me of the "Cantina Song" from A NEW HOPE. As for the more grandiose bit, I firmly believe that "The Last Jedi" should be playing anytime there is a dramatic reveal of any sort. 

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is in theaters now!

Source: Spotify



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