Josh Duhamel says Transformers 4 will star no one from the series

In an interview with E! Online TRANSFORMERS star Josh Duhamel revealed that he hasn't been contacted about the fourth film. In fact, it doesn't appear that anyone has.

"I don't think anybody's doing it," Duhamel told the site. "I know Shia [LaBoeuf]'s not doing it. I don't think Tyrese or Rosie [Huntington-Whiteley] or anybody else is doing it."

He's not surprised about the silence, though. "Whenever these movies make that much money they're going to make as many as they can," he said. "[But] I haven't heard anything about it. They haven't called me." After all, the plan now is to reboot the series, and like THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is proving, that means they can dump all those now-expensive stars and make some new ones.

I know that reboots are popular these days but of all the franchises that needed one, TRANSFORMERS is pretty damn low on the list. No one cares about the story- they just like seeing giant robots beat the crap out of each other. It's not hard to keep coming up with reasons for that to happen. 

More on the project as we hear it.

Source: E! Online



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