Joss Whedon believes there's a big problem with Hollywood movies

Though Joss Whedon was instrumental in helping develop the unstoppable behemoth that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has never really felt destined for a lifetime of making big Hollywood movies. He has always seemed more at home as a behind-the-scenes creative type, a TV guru or a passionate auteur making adaptations like MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. His two big goes at the blockbuster game, THE AVENGERS and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON took a lot out of him, as he has spoken about blockbuster moviemaking in the past.

But The Wheds has even more to say about Hollywood, and he used his time at Comic-Con to address what he thinks is a major problem in the business:

It's gotten to a state where movie studios are pretty relentless about trying to have an in before they start production. That's not the case for all films, but it is the case for a ton of them, especially the big-budget ones. Part of the problem is there's a dialogue going on between audiences and studios that is devolving, because they keep finding a lower common denominator. This doesn't mean the films are bad --- it just means that the ways in which they're approaching what they're going to make have become kind of ossified. At the same time, audiences are more likely to turn out for something that they already know or like. The problem is that there isn't really a willingness by a lot of people to go into something that they don't already know. None of this helps you by the way, sorry. But it's something that needs to be addressed.

That paragraph was pretty thick, I know, but it appears what the man is getting at is that there’s too much focus on trying to plan everything out when it comes to big movies, letting audiences know what that plan is, and letting that audience have an input on what future plans will be. Basically, too much of the roadmap is unveiled and, as a result, there’s no mystery anymore as to what we’ll be seeing.

I happen to agree with Whedon that there’s no sense of surprise anymore, but who’s to blame for it is not as simple. It could be the fault of the audience, showing out for only certain kinds of movies, and obsessing over particular franchises. But it could also be the studio’s fault, pumping us full of the same stuff like the witch stuffing poor Hansel and Gretel with candy. My money is on the former, as Hollywood only gives us what we want, just like any business. They plan their movie slates around what is successful at the box office, and as soon as something becomes unpopular (look at YA adaptations like DIVERGENT), they shift to something else.

As long as the content Hollywood pumps out is mostly good I personally don’t care what it is, whether it be a big, anticipated blockbuster or a surprising little film like THE NICE GUYS. If it’s crap, then the audience will let you know (*cough* BATMAN VS SUPERMAN *cough cough*) and hopefully those who made it are properly chastised. I really wanted to say "flogged in the street", but "chastised" seemed more elegant.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of what Mr. Whedon had to say?
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