Jurassic World featurette and B-roll footage show us how fast Chris Pratt is


Earlier today we reported that Colin Trevorrow would most likely NOT be returning to direct a sequel to JURASSIC WORLD, but would remain a producer. Sounds like a fair game, leaving the gate open for other directors to bring their own ideas into the franchise. I'll tell you what; returning the park to its full glory was the right way to go! In any event, we have a brand new featurette that discusses some of the soul of the original film and how Trevorrow and Co. took care to preserve that for JURASSIC WORLD.

Something that's becoming more popular these days is the B-roll footage, showing us exactly how much practicality is used on-set for any given film. Some movies are more fascinating than others (how about that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD B-roll?) but the clips from JURASSIC WORLD do show us some gorgeous vistas, beautiful set-design, and the ridiculously fast running speed of Chris Pratt.

Given that the film is already expected to gross boatloads, I think that's a huge testament to how much audiences want more JURASSIC PARK in their lives, regardless of the final result of JURASSIC WORLD. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the film looks bad at all (CGI intensive or no) but I think people are willing to make the gamble and pay for some tickets if it means more dinosaurs in the future. Amen to that!

JURASSIC WORLD opens on June 12, 2015.




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