Colin Trevorrow won't be back to direct Jurassic World sequel

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JURASSIC WORLD is tracking to have a huge opening when it hits theaters next week (and the early buzz is pretty positive), so a sequel is more than likely already being planned. However, Colin Trevorrow has revealed he won't be directing a possible fifth film in the franchise. During a conversation with the Italian site BadTaste.it, Trevorrow was asked if he will be behind the camera for another Jurassic Park movie.

Jurassic Park is like Star Wars. Different directors can give a different taste to each movie. I would be involved in some way, but not as director.

Colin Trevorrow will probably stay on as a producer for the next film, and he could always change his mind, but it does sound like Trevorrow has decided he's one and done when it comes to directing for the franchise. If there is going to be another installment in the Jurassic Park film series, who do you want to helm the project?

JURASSIC WORLD will be in theaters on June 12, 2015.



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