Justin Lin sets a new deal at Universal, schedules a bunch of new films

Justin Lin could've used his newfound FAST FIVE clout to head off and direct a sequel or reboot at another studio, but Lin was so happy with his experiences at Universal he passed on a number of high-profile gigs (DIE HARD 5 among them) to sign a two-year deal at the studio for his new Barnstorm Pictures production company.

Lin has committed to directing FAST AND FURIOUS 6 in addition to setting up a number of new projects at Universal. One of those is an adaptation of the graphic novel "Lone Wolf and Cub," a project Darren Aronofsky was attached to many moons ago.

He's also got LEADING MAN, a spy flick, an untitled WWII project about a Japanese-American battalion and a sci-fi/crime thriller he's developing for director Robert Glickert. Top that off with a new TERMINATOR film, he's working on with Arnold Schwarzenegger that The Hollywood Reporter says isn't set at a studio just yet (but assume if Lin wants to make that his first post-FAST SIX project, Universal will put in a very healthy bid for the rights on his behalf).

Lest you think Lin has left his indie roots behind, the director is also working closely with Focus, Universal's indie arm, to develop projects for some up-and-coming directors hoping to give someone the same shot he got.

Lin is a very talented guy and, even better, he seems to be handling his success the right way. I never thought I'd say this sentence but I'm really looking forward to FAST SIX and that's a testament to Lin.

Source: THR



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