Kelly Marcel set to pen Disney's live-action Cruella de Vil movie

Disney is wasting no time getting some more of their live-action fairy tale movies into the pipeline. Riding the waves of success from ALICE IN WONDERLAND, MALEFICENT, OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL and now CINDERELLA, The Mouse announced no fewer than four untitled movies of this nature yesterday, and today it appears we're getting some clarity as to what one of them will be.

CRUELLA, a live-action film centered around the 101 DALMATIONS villain, is reportedly on the fast track at Disney, with 50 SHADES OF GREY writer Kelly Marcel being tasked with whipping the project into shape, pairing up with TOGETHERNESS co-creator Steve Zissis to hammer out the story. Marcel left the E.L. James S&M trilogy behind after some battles with the author, and it looks like she's going to be just fine moving forward. As for CRUELLA, this wouldn't be the first time the character has been given the live-action treatment with Glenn Close occupying her for a pair of movies around the turn of the century.

Disney has a wealth of live-action films based off their properties all in various stages of development. Jon Favreau's THE JUNGLE BOOK is scheduled for next year, but beyond that, they have Tim Burton's DUMBO in the works, as well as a Tinkerbell movie with Reese Witherspoon attached. There's also a MALEFICENT sequel and a JUNGLE CRUISE flick and that other PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie and a live-action MULAN and... I think it's safe to say Disney has a lot of balls in the air that should keep their release calendar quite full in the coming years.

Now there is no indication yet as to which movies might slot into which spots, or if they would do some juggling around in order to accomodate more films that come together quickly, but, with the Marvel movies to account for, in addition to everything STAR WARS they have on tap, it might be even an understatement to call that studio an absolutely monster. Wow.



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