Kevin Smith & Brian O'Halloran return to the Quick Stop in new pic

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As a way of celebrating the 26-year anniversary of CLERKS, filmmaker and comic book superfan Kevin Smith and Brian "I'm not even supposed to be here today" O'Hollaran have returned to the Quick Stop for a nostalgic photo op. In the pic, Smith and O'Holloran are pictured looking quite whistful, as they reflect on the start of their storied cinematic journey together.

Alongside the photo, Smith included some heartfelt sentiments about creating films with the help of his dear friends:


We’re not even supposed to be here today! It was 26 years ago that @briancohalloran and I first gathered at the Quick Stop to start a cinematic journey of a lifetime - a journey that continues in @jayandsilentbob Reboot! With shooting Dante today and Brodie on Day 1, Reboot has thus far played out like my own personal version of the last 10 minutes of Tim Burton’s BIG FISH, as all my old friends and the people who made me what I am today return to say g’bye! Then we reboot that g’bye into a big fat hello! Welcome back to the View Askewniverse, my friends! It’s like the @marvelstudios cinematic universe - just with waaaaaaaay less money. #KevinSmith #jayandsilentbobreboot #brianohalloran #movie #clerks #dante #quickstop #quickstopconvenientstore

A post shared by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on Feb 27, 2019 at 8:27am PST

As you can see from Smith's statement above, the process of creating his latest project, JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT, has been quite the emotional experience. After all, Smith almost bought the farm after suffering a significant heart attack in February of 2017, an experience that left the fan-favorite filmmaker quite shaken. Since bouncing back from his medical ordeal, Smith says that he's now living his best life as he continues to get healthy and focus down on what he loves doing best ... making memories in front of the camera with his nearest and dearest.

For the JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT, Smith and his partner-in-crime, Jason Mewes, will reprise their roles as Jay and Silent Bob, the iconic Quick Stop slackers. In the film, Jay and Silent Bob return to Hollywood to stop a reboot of 'Bluntman and Chronic' from being made. Several of Smith's friends and co-stars are expected to appear in the project, which has Smith once again in the director's chair. He will also write the script.


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