LeBron James developing new television series There Goes the Neighborhood

Now, I'm not a sports guy. At all. I, no joke, thought for the longest time LeBron James was a football player, not a basketball player. So I don't care how many home runs he makes per game, or how many times he's sent to the penalty box for fighting on the ice, this is a movie and TV news site, so I'm only here to report that James has a new development deal with NBC. The deal includes two shows James is developing with the network. One is a drama about a sport's doctor (apparently a gritty version of Bill Heder's character from TRAINWRECK) and the other is a sitcom titled THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD actually sounds like a promising premise, which is described as

A half-hour comedy series would follow the first white family to move into a predominantly black, newly gentrifying neighborhood in Cleveland.

I like that idea. It flips on its head the idea of "tokenism" that has plagued many sitcoms in the past, and it seems many of the main characters will be POC. It is still a bit unfortunate that it seems the actual main, POV characters will be white; however, the fact that it is in service of flipping race relations on its head mitigates that somewhat. I'm interested to see if it works or not. I liked LeBron in the aforementioned TRAINWRECK, so maybe he can develop something funny here too. 

However, it also seems that his SPACE JAM sequel is still in the works. So...yay?  Anyone looking forward to that?


Extra Tidbit: LeBron James improvised most of his lines - along with his co-stars - in Judd Apatow's TRAINWRECK.



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