Legendary Pictures CEO says they are not actively working on Pacific Rim 2

With GODZILLA opening this weekend, Legendary Pictures has the first in a potential franchise of monster movies. So, what does this mean for the rumored sequel to Guillermo Del Toro's own kaiju movie PACIFIC RIM? Probably nothing good. Just a couple of months ago, comments were made by Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull that they were open to sitting down with Del Toro to hash out a sequel to PACIFIC RIM. But, now Tull has made comments that don't sound quite so positive.

In an interview with Guillermo Del Toro.

Here's the deal. ... We're not just going to do PACIFIC RIM 2 just to do it. Right now we're talking to Guillermo del Toro. If we can crack the story, we all think it's great, and it's him at the helm, then fantastic. But right now there's nothing going on officially to proclaim.

From the sounds of these comments, Tull doesn't sound like he wants to say that there is no chance of a PACIFIC RIM sequel, but he doesn't sound too sold on the idea either. While I quite enjoyed the Del Toro monster movie, the director is always moving from one project to the next. With so many movies in his pipeline, I would have expected him to produce and possibly write PACIFIC RIM 2 while handing the reins over to someone else. If Legendary finds Del Toro directing to be a condition on the sequel getting made, we may never see PACIFIC RIM 2.

Here's hoping Del Toro and Legendary return to the world of kaiju and jaegers, but don't hold your breath.

Extra Tidbit: PACIFIC RIM versus GODZILLA. This is the perfect cross-over!
Source: I Am Rogue



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