Lin talks Bone

I’m not going to claim to know a whole lot about Bone, only that when I started writing this post and saw him I went, “Oh right, that thing.” But after reading the entire Wikipedia page, I’m still not quite sure what Bone is all about.

The character is from Jeff Smith’s cartoon series, and SHERLOCK HOLMES producer, Dan Lin, recently talked to Collider about how the feature film adaptation of the little white…thing, is going.

"It really looks like a mix of Shrek as far as the three Bone characters and their comedy, their Looney Tunes of Marx Brothers comedy set in a Lord of the Rings world," said Lin. "I mean, the best way tonally again is Shrek meets Lord of the Rings. Very fantastical but between the Bone characters just a lot of comedy."

"We've met with several directors and we hope to come to a director decision by January and Jeff Smith has been very intricately involved in the development process with us," said Lin. "I'm thinking in first quarter of next year you'll hear who's the director of Bone and that'll give you a sense of where we're going."

He says they’re aiming for a PG or PG-13 rating, but if I was a betting man, I’d pick the one more likely to double their profits. Any big Bone fans out there excited for this? Any Bone fans out there period?

Extra Tidbit: Lin’s also working on a live-action/animation hybrid of TOM AND JERRY.
Source: Collider



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