Listen to the Captain Underpants theme song from Weird Al Yankovic

While some musical artists seldom disagree, there's no higher honor in the music industry than having "Weird Al" Yankovic craft a parody of your chart-topping hit. In my personal opinion, the man is an absolute genius, and stands tall as one of the greatest entertainers both in and out of the studio. I've seen "Weird Al" live in concert on two separate occasions, and both performances were filled beyond the brim with laughs, charm, costume changes, and more energy than you could ever imagine. 

Today, it's my distinct pleasure to share with you a lyric video in which "Weird Al" performs the theme song from Dreamworks' upcoming animated film CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS: THE FIRST EPIC MOVIE! I've got to say, with lyrics like, "It’s not a bird and it’s not a plane and it’s not an egg salad sandwich,” and "Faster than a speeding waistband ... more powerful than boxer shorts," I'm not at all surprised to discover that Yanovich has gravitated toward this particular song. As a musician and comedian, Yankovic has never been one to shy away toward lending his talents to different forms of media. Be it for a good laugh, an original tune, or hilarious faux interview videos with celebrities, "Weird Al" is a mastermind for the ages and we're lucky to have him. 

You can listen to Yankovic's performance by clicking on the video posted below:

Directed by David Soren, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS: THE FIRST EPIC MOVIE tells the tale of George (voiced by Kevin Hart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch), two prankster best buds who hypnotize their school principal (Ed Helms) into believing himself to be Captain Underpants. Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll, and Kristen Schaal also lend their voices to the eclectic cast of characters.

CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS: THE FIRST EPIC MOVIE will arrive in theaters on June 2, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: I still remember seeing Yankovic's UHF film in the theaters. I think it lasted a weekend before cinemas pulled it from their marques.



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