Top 10 Black Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Movies

Marvel's BLACK PANTHER has shattered box office records after just one week in release and has prompted the conversation regarding what minority superhero should get the big screen treatment next. With several characters having graced Marvel and DC series on the small screen, the time has come for more of these superheroes to get their spot on the big screen. Here is our ranking of the ten best Black comic book characters who deserve their own feature film (or in some cases, a reboot). If you disagree with our picks or think we missed one, let us know in the comments below.

John Stewart

GREEN LANTERN CORPS is coming and rumors have long said that John Stewart may be the human Lantern that brings us into that side of the DCEU. The successor to both Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, Stewart often clashed with the status quo and those in power both due to race as well as political beliefs. While Ryan Reynolds brought a humorous side to Hal Jordan, the right actor could do the same for this iteration of the character. With the mantle of Green Lantern able to pass from one character to another and with so many having answered the call, this is as good a time as any to bring something different to the DCEU.

Static Shock

Another early-90s creation, Static Shock is the DC equivalent of Spider-man: a teen who garners unexpected abilities. While many have confused the electricity wielding Static Shock as being related to DC's Black Lightning, he is his own superhero and one who could bring in the younger demographic for DC they are hoping to get via SHAZAM. But where Static Shock's best stories can be told are focusing on an inner city kid who sees the struggles of his peers with drugs, violence, and abuse. Unlike Spider-man, Static Shock has a prescient and politicized story to tell that is perfect for our current social climate.

Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson will never be replaced as the eye patch wearing leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., but he capable of so much more than being a talking head. In the first act of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, we got a glimpse of just how cool a Fury movie could be. Even though we will get to explore his backstory in CAPTAIN MARVEL and may even see him in the developing BLACK WIDOW film, I still want to see a Fury-centric movie. Maybe one that follows his exploits between WINTER SOLDIER and INFINITY WAR?


Already having appeared on The CW's Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen is a DC character with the ability to harness animal powers thanks to the ancestral necklace she wears that has been passed down through her family. What is cool about this character is that not only is she an empowering African character, but she would also be an empowering female superhero. With everyone looking for the next WONDER WOMAN, this could be it.


Wesley Snipes made BLADE the first successful Marvel franchise. But, after three movies and a mediocre TV series, we have yet to see the day-walking vampire slayer again. With the MCU being ripe for the introduction of vampires and similar creatures, now is a great time to bring the sword-wielding badass into the fold. Maybe they could even get Snipes to appear as Whistler.


Another character with a movie to his credit as well as an acclaimed animated series, Todd McFarlane's Spawn long held the title as most popular Black superhero during the 1990s. Nowadays, the undead avenger has struggled to get another movie made despite McFarlane promising there is one on the horizon. While I have not always been a fan of the comics books, I do like the concept of Spawn. Plus, anything is better than the movie we already got.


While we briefly saw Bishop appear in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, the popular character deserves so much more. Able to absorb energy and redirect it as a weapon, Bishop has primarily featured in future storylines and has direct connections to Cable as well as Gambit. While he could debut in a future DEADPOOL film or even the long developing GAMBIT, I would be all for a post-apocalyptic action flick focused on Bishop as the leading defender of Mutant-kind.


Already introduced into the MCU via Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Deathlok is a title given to multiple characters in Marvel Comics. Originally, he was Luther Manning, a murdered American soldier who was reanimated and combined with cybernetic enhancements. You may say that is similar to DC's Cyborg, but Deathlok has a lot more potential as a grittier and darker superhero franchise for Marvel. Now that they are willing to embrace R-rated far via Marvel Studios thanks to acquiring Fox, this could be their next adult series.


Another DC Comics character, Icon is actually an alien warrior who adopted the guise of an African American after rescuing the first human he met, a slave. Centuries later, he adopts the guise of a corporate lawyer while battling crime as the superhero Icon. There are a lot of racial elements implicit in the comic book, but Icon could work brilliantly as a big screen vehicle for the right actor. In many ways, Icon is similar to Martian Manhunter only this character retains his human appearance when fighting.


With Africa as the setting for BLACK PANTHER, DC could extend their reach across the Atlantic by adapting Batwing for the big screen. Either using the Congolese cop David Zavimbe or Lucius Fox's son, Luke, Batwing could use the expanding team aspect of Batman Incorporated and bring it to the big screen. I have always enjoyed seeing variations of Batman and Robin in the pages of DC Comics. It would be cool if they could capitalize on BLACK PANTHER's success themselves.

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