New images for Logan reveal Boyd Holbrook's villain and more

News from the last Wolverine film LOGAN has been blowing up lately. First we get the poster, then a view of the script, and now a l ook at one of the main villians (besides the already pretty much confirmed Mr. Sinister - who I'm now wondering if they'll actually keep that name or not). The villain is apparently Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook. Pierce, according to my extensive research (on wikipedia) is the leader of a group of roving, criminal, anti-mutant cyborgs called the The Reavers. Hmmm, that's a lot of cool words in one. I wonder if it comes together into something actually worth seeing.  

Anyway, here's a new image from Instagram showing Pierce off:  



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It looks like a country music cover.

I mean, I'm liking the ad approach to a certain extent - evocative black-and-white imagery - for the most part. However, that approach works best when it's showing something recognizable or cool, like Logan or Xavier. This looks generic in the worst way, in my opinion. Though, on the other hand, it does tell you immediately that this will have a completely different, and more grounded tone. So we'll see. It almost makes me wonder if he, or the rest of the Reavers, will even be cyborgs anymore (though this being set in the future, and the fact that giant purple robots apparently existed in the '70s in the universe, anything is possible).

Anyway, here are a few more images that look like a photography student's portfolio:



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LOGAN lunges into theaters, claws first, March 3rd, 2017

Extra Tidbit: Hugh Jackman holds the record for playing a superhero on film for the longest time consecutively (both in appearances and time) than any other actor.
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