M. Night's Devil

If you made it through THE HAPPENING (it took me two attempts), perhaps you were thinking that maybe M. Night Shyamalan should take a break from writing and directing.

Turns out that's actually the case, to an extent. Shyamalan is producing a new series of flicks called "The Night Chronicles", based on his own concepts (and twist endings, one assumes) but written and directed by others. And hopefully containing none of his "acting".

First up is DEVIL, a supernatural thriller that will be directed by John and Andrew Dowdle (QUARANTINE) from a script by Brian Nelson (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), based on Shyamalan's original story. No other details are known, other than the movie is the first of three planned "Night Chronicles" and is aiming at a commercially palatable PG-13 rating.

Don't worry, ShyamFans -- he's keeping busy behind the camera, just not on his own material. He's currently making a live-action movie based on the anime AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER.

Extra Tidbit: That picture has nothing to do with the movie project, I just really like Coop's work.
Source: THR



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