Mahershala Ali reportedly sought for the lead in True Detective season 3

After a ho-hum second season the fate of TRUE DETECTIVE was put into a never-ending purgatory. The season aired in 2015 after the first won wide acclaim, but so far no plans have been announced for a third season. However, we are pleased to report the project has taken a huge step forward with the potential casting of a freshly-minted Oscar winner.

The Tracking Board got the exclusive that Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali is in negotiations to star in a possible third season of the anthology series. Though this is a big sign HBO is gearing up for a new season, there has been no greenlight yet and plans are still far off from official.

Ali won his Oscar, as well as a slew of other awards, for his stellar work in the movie MOONLIGHT. Since then he has become a hot commodity, nabbing roles in big movies like ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL.  As for TRUE DETECTIVE, the first season earned rave reviews for its story, writing and performances from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. The second season…well… at it was at least better than an average episode of NCIS.

Ali would be a major snag for HBO, as the next season will have a lot of making up to do after the second with Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams failed to live up to any kind of expectation. Ali has been turning in great work even before MOONLIGHT on shows like HOUSE OF CARDS and LUKE CAGE, and it’s about damn time he had the lead in a series. I hope this all goes through okay, because if it doesn’t it’s all downhill for the HBO show. Don’t blow this, guys!



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